14o Pelion Festival

14o Φεστιβάλ Πηλίου

14ο Pelion Festival: Arts and Discourse in Nature

Kissos, Zagora,Tsagarada, East Pelion, Middle Greece, July 1rst – August 28th, 2013

Since the year of its foundation in 2000, the Pelion Festival continues its service to Art with love, respect and awareness of its responsibility towards young artists, as well as to its loyal friends.


This year, the festival's programm has added many more innovative activities which apart from Zagora and Tsagarada will be taking place at Kissos under the title "Body and Music in Nature". This year the festival will be comprised of three main sections:

Α. - Workshops " Body and Music in Nature": from 1rst-7th of July for adults, from 4th - 7th of July for children, in Kissos,

B. - Music courses:

  • from 20th -27nd of July, in Zagora
  • from 23nd -30th of July, in Tsagarada,

C. - Concerts and lectures

More info at the official website of Pelion Festival: http://www.pelionfestival.gr/