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Holidays all year long at Zagora- Pelion!

Visit Zagora and Pelion all year long. Each season holds its own secrets and invites you to discover the beauty and the uniqueness of nature all year long, here at the Mountain of Centaurs, Pelion.

Staying at "Stamou Boutique Hotel", our guests can combine the pleasant stay with the beauties, the attractions and the various activities that take place in the region of Pelion.


The village of Zagora- panoramic view


Zagora is the biggest among the villages of Pelion, built amphitheatrically in a wooded slope of eastern Mount Pelion, with running waters, lush vegetation and a panoramic view to the Aegean Sea. The name is probably of a Slavic origin and means "behind the mountains". It is a village with rich history and tradition both in the arts and the letters from the Ottoman era. It is the hometown of prominent men who excelled in the past in science and commerce. During the 17th and 18th century, Zagora was a major commercial center, with a remarkable fleet, who was using Horefto as a seaport to transfer the local products of the region to the large ports of Europe.

The main economic activity of the area is related to agricultural products, with the apple "Zagorin" to be among the most famous ones. The last few years, residents have taken advantage of both the stricking natural environment and of the architectural style of the settlement to promote Zagora to one of the most popular tourist destinations of Pelion. Today, the village provides excellent tourist organization and is ideal for a four season-holiday.

Zagora consists of four districts with the respective squares and churches: "Perahora" or "Agia Paraskevi", "Agia Kyriaki", "Agios Georgios" and "Sotira". Our Boutique Hotel, Stamou, is located at the central and largest district of the village, that of "Agios Georgios", just 50 meters away from the main square and between that and the Health Center of Zagora.

What to see at Zagora- Attractions in Zagora

1381869345 check School of Riga- Museum "Ellinomouseio"

1381869345 check Public Library of Zagora

1381869345 check Women's Agricultural Association of Zagora

1381869345 check Agricultural Cooperative of Zagora

1381869345 check Fountain of Krali

1381869345 check Old mansion of Zagora

1381869345 check Picturesque squares of the village

What to do at Zagora- Activities at Zagora

1381869345 check Walk along the stone paths of Zagora

1381869345 check Biking around the village

1381869345 check 4Χ4 wheel drive at short distances out of the village

1381869345 check Participation in agricultural activities in the region

The wider area

Numerous villages and beaches stretch along the Eastern Pelion in short distances from Zagora.

During the winter, the ski center of Pelion "Agriolefkes", situated just 25 minutes from our village, Zagora, offers ski lovers (and everyone else) a unique experience combining the mountain and snowy landscape with the sea background of Pagasitikos and Evia on one side and Aegean Sea and Halkidiki on the other.

During the summer, the blue and green water of Pelion beaches of "Horefto", "Ag. Saranta", "Parisaina", "Elitsa", "Analipsi" and "Omvrios", which are very close to Zagora (10-20 minutes, depending on the beach) are hidden ornaments with crystal and clear waters.

Mountain villages


The village of Puri is located 6km North of Zagora and in altitude of 450m, inside a lush forest which combines apple trees and chestnut trees with the wild and impressive vegetation of Pelion. The view to the Aegean Sea, Chalkidiki and Sporades islands is unique from the village and this is the reason that is called the "Balcony of Pelion". The central square is built on three levels and at the highest of them is placed the church of Agios Dimitrios (1743).

Close to the village, in a magnificent location is placed the monastery of Panagia Rasova dating from the 13th century. Meanwhile, between Zagora at Puri, the visitor can admire the stream of "kalokerinos", which forms a spectacular waterfall, the largest in Pelion.


Makrirachi is located 10km south of Zagora and in altitude of 300m. The village took its name from the fact that it is built in the middle of this long ridge, along the eastern side of Pelion. In Makrirachi, the "village of flowers" as it is well known, you will find a wide variety of gardenias, camellias, hydrangeas and more, since the villagers are principally occupied with the production of flowers.

At the center of the village, in the central square, dominates the church of "Agios Ioannis Prodromos", while in short distances outside of the village, there are the chapels of "Agios Konstantinos & Elenis", "Ag. Anargyron" and of "Profitis Ilias".


Agios Dimitrios




Παραθαλάσσιοι Οικισμοί- Παραλίες

Ξεκινώντας από το Βορειότερο άκρο του Ανατολικού Πηλίου και συνεχίζοντας Νότια, ο επισκέπτης έχει στη διάθεσή του και σε πολύ κοντινές αποστάσεις, πλήθος παραλιών, με διαφορετικά χαρακτηριστικά γνωρίσματα η καθε μία. Άλλες περισσότερο ερημικές, άλλες όχι τόσο εύκολα προσπελάσιμες, άλλες κοσμοπολίτικες...Εσείς, δεν έχετε παρά να επιλέξετε την αγαπημένη σας!


Παραλία Οβρυός Παραλία Οβρυός Παραλία Οβρυός





Παραλία Χορευτού Παραλία Χορευτού Παραλία Χορευτού
Παραλία Χορευτού Παραλία Χορευτού  

Άγιοι Σαράντα

Παραλία Αγ. Σαράντα Παραλία Αγ. Σαράντα


Παραλία Μπάνικας Παραλία Μπάνικας


Άγιος Ιωάννης

Παπά Νερό


Φυσικό λιμάνι Νταμούχαρη Φυσικό λιμάνι Νταμούχαρη Φυσικό λιμάνι Νταμούχαρη
Φυσικό λιμάνι Νταμούχαρη    



Παραλία Μυλοπόταμος